Our Management Team

Metro Airways is assembling a complete management team, covering the elements of administration, aviation, marketing, operations and finance. This team brings together a wide range of skills and backgrounds covering the key areas needed to form, launch, and operate the airline, and from a range of national origins.  A few key highlights…


  • Chief Executive Officer:  Marcus Channey.  Mr. Channey has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, including an in-depth managerial background comprised of multiple industries, such as aviation, airline/cargo, education, sales & marketing, and telecommunications. He has over twenty-five (25) years of aviation experience, within the airline industry, while working for Northwest Airlines (now part Delta) Spirit Airlines, and AirNet Systems.  Mr. Channey over ten (10) years of airport design experience through the use of Airport Facility Computer Aided Drafting Simulation, in addition to designing aircraft and writing flight plans, for which he has received several awards from multiple aviation groups.  Mr. Channey also is a a private pilot, and has achieved certifications in several airport/airline operations functions.  Mr. Channey earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management from Marygrove College, as well as a Bachelor of General Studies in Aviation Management, Science & Technology, and Political Science from the University of Michigan; in addition, he also received an Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Engineering from Schoolcraft College.

  • Executive Vice President:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  Metro Airways’ new Executive Vice President began his aviation career in the United States Air Force working on tactical and fixed ground based navigational, communications and weather systems as a Meteorological & Navigational Systems Technician.  Currently, he serves as the Director of Aviation for a major metropolitan city, where he provides overall direction and management of the airport, including operations, finance, and maintenance.

  • Chief Operating Officer:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  Our new COO has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of aviation, including senior level management experience in the aviation operations environment, airport and air traffic/facility management and Air Traffic Control Tower Supervisor/Controller-in-Charge.  He maintains a current Control Tower Operators License (CTO).  Currently, he serves as the airport General Manager for one of the largest airports in the United States, where his responsibilities include directing, coordinating, and enforcing airport policy and regulations for grounds and building maintenance, security and business operations, relations with other cooperating agencies, airport users, and other operational aspects of airport management. He is responsible for the operational activities of the department ensuring that all airport rules and safety regulations are enforced, and that emergency management procedures, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulatory procedures remain in compliance for the entire airport staff.

  • Executive Director:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  Metro’s new Executive Director has nearly 20 years of aviation management experience, including senior level management experience in the aviation operations environment. Currently, he serves as the Director of Operations for a major avionics corporation.  He is responsible for compliance of all aspects of company policies within the day-to-day operation of the FBO Department, including customer relations, line operations, accounting, health, safety and environmental functions, as well as planning and coordinating activities for the sale and provision of general aviation activities such as fuel and hangar rental. He also provides day to day support, leadership, and direction to facilitate safe, reliable service, and motivate the team to achieve results while managing people fairly and with respect.

  • Assistant Executive Director:  Michael Walker, PMP. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Walker has managed more than 150 projects for some of America’s largest entities, including Wal-Mart, Limited Brands, Coach, Caesars Entertainment and Toyota. His passion for execution and ability to strategically manage rapidly changing environments makes him an invaluable asset to the Metro Airways team.  He has managed project risk, develop mitigation plans, escalate decisions and unresolved issues; overseen the requirements gathering, design, development, testing and implementation of rapid development software projects; managed day-to-day testing aspects of projects and software releases; and was responsible for the implementation of order-fulfillment systems at customer sites across the country.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University.

  • Captain/Chief Pilot:  Matthew Schneider.  With more than 16,200 hours of total flight time, Mr. Schneider holds a variety of certificates and licenses, including ATP MEL, Flight Engineer, Commercial SEL, CFI, II, MEI, AGI Type Ratings:  He is experienced with several aircraft, including the DC10, B737, and BA3100.  He served as a Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) for over 10 years, and as the Aircraft Acceptance Pilot for Sun Country Airlines, as well as the Maintenance Check Pilot for Omni Air International.  Mr. Schneider also wrote the emergency response program for Sun Country Airlines, and was  Chairman of the Central Air Safety Committee and the Critical Incident Response Program for ALPA.  He proudly served as a United States Marine Corps officer in a variety of capacities.  He earned his Master of Science degree in Aviation Safety from Central Missouri State University, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Metropolitan State College.

  • Chief Financial Officer – Richard Schroeter.  Mr. Schroeter has more than 30 years of diverse senior executive finance experience served in positions ranging from Vice President, Senior Vice President, Treasurer, Controller, and Chief Financial Officer. He has developed expertise in such areas as negotiation, public and private debt, leasing, institutional investing, investor relations, cash management, budgeting, financial planning, insurance, taxes, mergers and acquisitions and accounting. He has airline, retail, Internet and investment banking experience in the airline industry as CFO, Treasurer and Controller at Continental Airlines, Eastern Airlines, AirTran and FLYGLO Airlines. In addition, he served as President for the Aircraft Acquisition & Fleet Planning affiliate at Northwest Airlines.  Mr. Schroeter earned his MBA in Finance from the University of Detroit, and a BBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame.

  • Comptroller:  Jimmy Pauris.  Mr. Pauris is a former Director of Finance & Tax specializing in finance, accounting, compliance, tax preparation, budgeting and forecasting.  He has led economic research and studies in the areas of rates of return, depreciations, working capital requirements, investment opportunities, investment performance, and impact of governmental requirements.  In addition, he led planning and leading his company’s annual operating budget process, including capital budget and budget allocations.  Mr. Pauris has more than 20 years of experience providing accounting, tax, and financial services to companies and individuals.  He is a proven visionary and strategic leader who translates business strategies into maximum profits commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers, employees, and the public. He is an expert in enhancing profitability and  developing strategic lending initiatives.  Mr Pauris holds a BS degree in Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Michigan, Flint MI.

  • Director of Finance:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  Our new Director of Finance has prior CFO experience providing hands-on leadership in finance, accounting, risk management, litigation support, business valuations, compliance, tax, budgeting and forecasting, and he has led several project teams through the acquisition and divestiture of business units and subsidiaries in the construction, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing industries. He built a risk management consulting practice and a cloud-based tax business from scratch.  He has more than 30 years of experience providing accounting, tax, and advisory services to companies in various industries, with extensive experience in public speaking and continuing education.

  • Vice President, Operations:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  A highly experienced VVIP Line Training Captain with a commercial flight crew license, Metro’s new VP Operations is currently operating the Avro RJ as the Fleet Manager for a major aviation corporation.  He previously served with multiple airlines in training and operations capacities, and also has significant commercial experience with regional airline operations in the United Kingdom and Europe, and has delivered exceptional service to Her Majesty the Queen and members of the Royal Family, Ministerial and Government departments in the UK, ensuring flights are delivered safely, smoothly and on time.

  • Chief Inspector:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  Our new Chief Inspector has more than 30 years of aircraft maintenance management experience, including his current position a Chief Inspector for a major aviation corporation, where he is responsible for quality control for airline tire, wheel and brake assemblies, training, records, calibration of all equipment and overseeing all non-destructive testing, and equipment final inspections and issuing 8130 documentation.  He has extensive aviation experience with such companies as Frontier Airlines, Vision Airlines, Pemco Aviation, Aviation Technical Services, Swift Aviation, Timco and American Airlines.

  • Director of Maintenance:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  A highly competent, skilled, and focus driven professional with over 30 years of experience and a strong record of achievements in providing the necessary management expertise to ensure streamlined operations, significantly increased safety and proficiency, Metro’s new Director of Maintenance has excellent interpersonal communication skills coupled with the ability to establish and maintain rapport with tradesman, subcontractors, construction and safety professionals, clients and management.  He has a proven background at high levels of leaderships, team building, planning, organizing, and problem-solving, all of which realized significant contributions to bottom-line results.  He has provided training to less experienced inspectors, while promoting high standards of quality through instruction and leading-by-example.  He established and administered organization structures to perform timely inspection of aircraft, components, accessories and facilities, and to secure high-level compliance with company standards and AS Standards.

  • Vice President, Compliance:  E. Steven Polk, Jr.  Mr. Polk is originally from Detroit, Michigan and has worked and resided in Boston, New York and the Washington DC area. He is a highly accomplished, dedicated manager with a verifiable track record of managing complex initiatives, exceeding expectations and satisfaction. Mr. Polk has excelled as a Customer Service Manager dedicated to advocate operational efficiency across the organization as a means of advancing business growth in key areas such as customer base, transactions, and improved customer experience and improved service performance. Trained CSR’s to identify opportunities for operational process improvements by use of new/changing processes and/or technology. Ensured quality control of internal code change activities impacting daily operations. Identified opportunities to improve or develop external-facing operations processes to achieve greater efficiency. Managed and optimized staffing 250+ resources, prepared and executed operational workflow plans.  Mr. Polk earned a BS degree in Computer Science from Boston College.

  • Chief Legal Officer:  Marcia McCraw.  Ms. McCraw has practiced law successfully for over 35 years.  She is licensed to practice law in California, Hawaii, New York and Washington State. Ms. McCraw has worked in private practice, has served as in-house counsel for private and public companies, and has served as an appellate administrative law judge for the New York State Department of Labor.  She has worked in the hospitality, food and beverage, senior living, and the aviation industries. Her practice for the last 15 years has included FAA compliance related to airport management, flight training, and aircraft purchase, sale, and maintenance. She is a graduate of the Western New England College School of Law, where she served as Managing Editor of the Law Review, and Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences, with a BA in Asian Studies (China).

  • Legal Counsel:  (Name withheld to protect the identity prior to operations start-up)  Our legal counsel currently represents a major US metropolitan city as Senior Assistant Corporation Counsel for Transactions & Economic Development.  In that capacity, he is was responsible for negotiations, real estate acquisitions/dispositions, agreements, commercial leases, land use, tax incentives and other gap financing on behalf of Detroit for various complex real estate and development projects totaling almost $2 billion. In addition, he serves as legal counsel to the city’s Airport Department, where he is responsible for all commercial leases and contractual agreements, as well as for all legal opinions and counsel on US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration and State Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics matters.

  • Vice President of Strategy & Brand Management:  Barry J. Parrish.  Mr. Parrish has more than 30 years of proven success in high-profile strategic marketing, management and communications environments with major corporations and internationally renowned advertising agencies.  He has extensive experience in travel, tourism and hospitality, working with airlines, hotel brands, cruise lines, tourism and convention destinations, travel agency networks, vacation wholesalers, casino resorts, tour operators and others.  He has been honored with more than 100 awards for marketing (both traditional and digital), advertising and public relations excellence.  Mr. Parrish has a diverse international background, having worked in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and 22 countries throughout Europe and Africa.  Mr. Parrish earned his BA in Mass Communications from Columbia College, and earned Dean’s List honors while in pursuit of his MBA at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.